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Above is Arthur Boorman’s transformation from being disabled to being fit and healthy again. When he came back from the Gulf War as an ex-paratrooper, his doctor told him that he’s not able to walk unassisted ever again – he believed his doctor and gained a lot of weight up to 297 lbs.

Upon believing on himself again, he decided to try yoga, and he’s able to miraculously lose 140 lbs in 10 months, and not only is he able to walk again, but he’s also able to do amazing yoga stances.

I want you to be honest with yourself by asking yourself this question:

How many times have you have thought about giving up in your life?

Sometimes you might feel like the circumstances in your life is too much, too difficult to handle…

… to tell you the truth, I’ve been once in that situation too.

I’ve got to a point so low that there seem like there’s no more hope…

… and I was once a person who did not believe in myself

Thankfully, 4 years ago my life changed for the better after I’ve reached the bottom’s pit, I managed to pick myself back up and BELIEVED in myself, since then I’ve never looked back.

I am now living the life full of brightness, and full of opportunity!

You see, people who are unsuccessful have a lot of negative self-talks. Some of the examples of negative self-talks are:

- but I’m not sociable enough, if only I weren’t that shy…
- but I’m overweight, if only I were as fit as…
- but I’m ugly, if only I were as good looking as…
- but I had disturbing traumas, if only I recovered first…
- but I have sleeping problems, if only I could have a good sleep…
- but I’m too busy with my life, if only I am free…
- but I am poor, if only I had money…
- but I’m not as smart, if only I were smarter…
- but I have an addiction to…, if only I…
- but nobody loves me, if only…

If you’re having negative self-talks, I want you to CHANGE by increasing your POSITIVE SELF-TALKS:

- I am NO LONGER AFRAID, I am CONFIDENT in my own self
- I am able to see the POSITIVITY in myself and in everyone around me
- I FORGIVE MYSELF for everything, I am able to MOVE ON
- I am able to VISUALISE SUCCESS for my FUTURE

I hope that you’re able to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself that you’re having these negative self-talks. Abandon your negative self-talks today.

Have you got a coach, someone who could help and guide you towards success?

It is vital for you to have a coach in your life.

I’m able to be your coach.

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It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity.

I want to see you skyrocket your life, and make your dreams come true…

… the question is, DO YOU?

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